cuz its than that we find who we are..

i wanted to blog something about something, but i forgot what the former something was.

in other knews, went out with keng! we didnt do the big long chat-up and all that, we didnt even talk much, but, it was strangely good fun. i think a friend's company is always appreciated, even without the words to go with it:)

watched cars. owned. owns x3 anytime. with a simple plot, it managed to bring up nice discussions on issues such as the fast paced society versus slowing down and appreciating the things around us. and it discussed this on several levels and facets. finding friends, scenery, finding ourselves, the sheer imagery of cars! humour was creative too. and the soundtrack! must get my hands on it.

this seems all rather random, but it was really a good day. so good, i feel the need to document it somewhere. if i had things my way, to hell with the demands of a fast paced society, and i'd find the time to meet up with all the friends i've been talking about meeting up. as of late, i've managed to re-instigate some contact with some of them C= (don't mean to belittle them be refering to them as them. am thrilled to be talking again) but not all =C and the midyears and general A-level stress is just looming, or hovering, above everything that's being done 2 X =C, and i'm in such terrible trouble come term3 ;_;


~ by moz on June 15, 2006.

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