just slept something like 3 hours, and before that another 3 hours. considering i woke up at 12 today, and slept at only 12 the night before, it’s quite alot for an ‘afternoon nap’. while my head burns and i’m feeling strange, i dont think i’ll have such luxury of time until a long long long time from now. goodbye holidays, hello painful semester ahead. (a bit late for the greetings, but better late than never.) and as if to compensate the A levels, this will all end off by the beginning of a new chapter and a new life, a life where for two years, i will have to surrender all my rights to the authority of tekong or otherwise be deemed an enemy of the state. exciting.

hopefully i will find a way to get that three-day work-week, and before that, survive the midyears.


~ by moz on June 15, 2006.

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