Impersonal Solutions to Personal Problems.

after a most unproductive term2, instead of chosing to unwind first, i tried to make up for lost time by chionging straight but ended up wasting more time (the whole hols) because i just cldnt start the chionging. i went to bishan mrt a few days ago, thinking that i need to find a way to end it, to end it all. as if the railway tracks were speaking to me as it has probably done so to many before me, i moved closer thinking how it were to be like in heaven. AND THAN, BEHOLD, THERE WAS A SIGN ON THE RAILWAY (sign board) as shows below:

suicide (in case this is too small, it reads ‘Value Life. Act Responsibly’ in four different languages)

and i thought, how the hell could a sign like this deter any suicide case? and so i took a picture to mock it and boarded the train soon after.

EDIT: hearing from friends, i realised the sacarsm can work two ways. i am not suicidal, but thank you very much for all the care and concern.


~ by moz on June 24, 2006.

One Response to “Impersonal Solutions to Personal Problems.”

  1. moz.. mug hard! hafta chiong already..

    lazy to update lah.. i’ll try to update with something intellectual after i get my brain working again. heh.

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