social works recruitment drive.

yes, thats what it felt more like.

whereas refering to the dialogue session per se, it was interesting, having a small group of people (only 20 odd, totally unheard of) just sitting on the comfy sofas and discussing the stuff important to our nation. it was of course not just only the feeling of empowerment, but entirely objective too. if anything, i walked away knowing the views of other leaders in society, which i must say, was interestingly contrary to the school of thoughts that i suscribe too. i do believe, however, that all the arguments that ever did come out can be easily summed into 2, maybe 3 major concepts, (left right and middle) all on one sliding scale, just of different magnitudes.

but i digress. i do strongly believe in what i said, though i'm not entirely sure whether it got across. packaging is crucial (middle), because we're essentially playing mind games, and in order to suceed, it be best that the other party didnt even know there was a game in the first place. but of course, this level of secrecy is dangerous, and if ever used, will be used as a kickstart to a vicious cycle of, erm (damn the cryptic-ness), good stuff. of course, if by doing nothing (left) the same vicious cycle can be achieved, than woots, yay and hallelujah! though it iss questionable that might even be possible, not to mention the questions of risk and time. the status quo of putting things in our faces (right) and having tag lines like 'by the youth, for the youth' written by youth organizations run by adults isnt exactly my cup of tea, because i think the youth, with all honesty, are a recalcitrant bunch, that are looking for individuality and independance.

hence the middle seems the most viable (not just because its the middle but) because it involves the passion to seem inborn while it is actually largely guided by certain third party people, esp since 'guiding' is often misunderstood as controled (well its all a sliding scale isnt it). in other words, i think its time to get sneakier:)

for my 2 cents worth, i walked away with a file (which's main attraction was the bright and colourful postcards inside) a much happier tummy, and namecards in the case that i ever want to do social work.


~ by moz on June 24, 2006.

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