i confess.

two pieces of absolutely heart-breaking news just hit me. the first is that the prelims are actually a really important set of exams and are just slightly over a month away. the other is after that besides gp and 2 lit papers, all my exams are in the afternoon. for an afternoon napper like myself, this is extremely bad.

and so, i decided that i needed a plan to get through all this, with the first thing to achieve – discipline. i was therefore thinking about my past experiences’ successes (few) and failures (hoho) with studying, and i realized that my only successes have been with maths (must be something to do with the no-brainer repetitive manner in which maths can be practiced). followed by chem during Os.

and this is sad. it’s outrageous even, that i, a proud arts student, may actually be in fact more sciency than he realizes. what if i am really meant to be like the poor souls out there, playing mindless games with test-tubes, fiddling with the calculator as though it was my only source of joy. come to think of it, even the manner in which i think is more sciencish than normal. when i try to explain things like the inherent paradox with relativism lying in that of the relativism of relativism, it’s really showing that i think of logic in terms of functions, inverse functions, higher derivatives and so on. and this is why i am so terribly misunderstood! this is why my logic can be so clean, yet so incoherent! this is why no one appreciate my essays!

i shall go to my corner, cry, be a sob, get over it and embrace my love for maths. GO MATHS!


~ by moz on July 19, 2006.

2 Responses to “i confess.”

  1. moz you didnt study for math either 😀

  2. that’s not exactly my idea of encouraging denys..

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