Can I ride with you in your B.M.W? You can sail with me in my yellow submarine (oasis)

it’s 5 in the morning, and while i’d like to attribute my sleepless night to catching up with statistics, it was really spent recuperating my relationship with my now fully-restored internet. besides acquiring a new-found love for reading news articles online (the story of how is really quite sad though), it hit me that the people i know are really talented ones.

i mean, i knew that before, it’s just that the future always seems such a dream and so far away. but by just thinking about what the future may be like, i’ve come to the realization that the future may well be dominated by all these people. 20 years from now, i will be saying that the cheif editor of some big-shot magazine used to be a brat of a schoolmate, or that i’ve known several ministers and diplomats since they wearing fully-white shoes (which hopefully will become ancient by than) or that i can commit any crime i want to because i have so many lawyer friends that i go way back with. and there’s the whole theatre bunch whose professions will probably be even too cheem for me to name!

it does make one wonder though, 20 years from now, whether i will be able to match the kind of standard my friends left right centre will be achieving. say there’s a reunion of sorts and everybody’s exchanging their gold-plated name cards, i wonder whether i will even have the cheek to turn up. heck, it’s a month to prelims and i’m still at continous random variables. and not like i’m putting in the ideal amount of effort into it. nooooo, i’m here at 5am, having read articles of the increased influence of econs in politics + vice versa and the awe-inducing blogs of the leaders of tomorrow, and not touched a single bit of econs that matters in the A levels (i will bank on GP!! lol). i seriously wonder what kind of namecard (hopefully, i’ll be employed) i’ll have to exchange – will i be basking under the same glory? or will i just be the wallpaper at the party trying to keep my lowly batas off as many of those million-dollar shoes every other person will be wearing?

maybe if i pon, people will just say that i was like that since a long time ago.


~ by moz on August 2, 2006.

2 Responses to “Can I ride with you in your B.M.W? You can sail with me in my yellow submarine (oasis)”

  1. i like the interesting interpretation of the song, but you know the it’s really all about drugs right?

    and when i clinch my deserved title of ‘father of the mordern gaming industry’ you’ll regret not referring to me in this entry.

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