red is blue.

Everything is changing
You’re looking for the cure
And you feel like you’re the loneliest girl in the world
Trouble in your head now
Don’t know what to do
Seems like up is down and red is blue

Red is blue
Red is blue

Remember when we started
Days when all was fun
All that we could make when life was young
Now you’re getting older
Nothing feels the same
You can’t even make sense of your own name

Because red is blue
(Doesn’t make much sense)
But red is blue
(Messing with your head now)
Red is blue

In your heart
There’s a room where you lock up
All the times and the things that she said
And now red is blue
What was near is far now
Red is blue
Like a fallen star
And red is blue

from the movie hoodwinked, performed by ben folds. interesting cuz little red riding hood (her name is literally ‘red’) takes off her red hood (according to the movie, the red hood is what gives her her name, and hence identity. it also the only thing red she is wearing) and goes out of the lit house into the blue night (so she turns blueish) after learning the truth abt her grandma. quite a cheesy reason, but the play on colour was quite nice. and the jokes while mostly lame, were quite cute. 

that kind of sums up my day. listening to ben folds’ stuff and all these other piano-based songs gah. i shall go play piano. or attempt to.


~ by moz on September 22, 2006.

2 Responses to “red is blue.”

  1. hey!! STUDY HARD and may God see you through your exams!:):)

  2. your posts sound too good to not read.

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