bus 55.

they gave us a good life, in terms of provision and economic development and all that stuff and there’s no doubt that economic development is important, at least as far as the pre-requisite for other developments is concerned. it’s just that, i dont know, i’d say for one, everything should be considered in moderation, but maybe its really just the recalcitrant deep down in me bending all the logics to explain my non-conformist sentiments. for a while, i was actually convinced by the utilitarian attitude which this country is run by, and i bought it – ends justify means man! i think i just got tired of it after a while. or maybe i realised how locked up we had become. or maybe, we just want to excercise our free will as the defining feature of our being and as an assertion of control over our future even if that may not be as economically as desireable as what we are getting now. we’d do all that because – we are first and foremost born free. and well, because it may be better to try freedom and fail then to have never tried at all.

it doesnt help that singapore, being a small country only re-inforces this sense of oppression from all the surrounding forces, let alone our own elected.

“Along the edges of our shores, the sea closed in on us as a constant reminder of our minute size… It turned brains into sponges and fists into cash registers, and our land into a whore. From one economic quater to the next, we tried to deal with our smallness – children were groomed into sophisticated machines, our furious memorisation exercises mingling with the sounds of love-making to the tune of the Baby Bonus Scheme.

Our smallness drove us into the school and the office, our pride, our panacea, the only place we felt big. All weak we hunched over our desks, napping in flights of escapism, while staleness diffused from our persons to taint the crisp of odour of proposals or textbooks.

Singapore drew reputation for excellence, but we only wanted to be big.”

and somehow, i want to see the big world out there for myself. but i don’t want to let go all over again. singapore is still home.


~ by moz on October 4, 2006.

2 Responses to “bus 55.”

  1. i guess we can all keep talking abt what we want, and i think to a certain extent its a very kneejerk response, said almost with bravado, necause many ppl do ecpect themselves to stay put in the end. u know?? just a thought la. and alot of protected posts sia~! -stricken. haha. well u take care

  2. Good mastery of English, better mastery of the ability to express your thoughts. What is development, anyway? Growth is simply when things get bigger, but development is when the qualities of a being or endeavor evolve… In another sense, economic development similarly could be construed to mean the most positive evolution of our abilities to join together in the expression of work for the greatest possible benefit. This seems much different than profit motive… http://www.gnuzworks.com

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