little things in the week.

while going home yesterday, there was an old man on the bus who began talking to me about the maid and the guy in the wheelchair outside the window and how she was on the same train as him earlier on. i’m usually rather weary of random old men who start talking rather randomly because 1.they usually talk chinese 2.they usually are full of pessimism balming this and that for how screwed up the world is and usually not providing very intelligent reasons for that either 3.they tend to impose on random people very long stories which most people couldn’t care more about (which prob wld be better recieved without the imposing) 4. they tend to ignore whatever you say in response to what they say (ie one way conversation) 5. they seem to think that their years of experience in life makes them infinitely smarter then what the rest of us can ever be and often do not reciprocate the respect we give them.

ok, i didn’t mean for that to sound so mean, but my point is that the old man that i met was none of the above (ok, so maybe he looked old, but wasn’t anywhere near as senile as erm, the other ppl who initiate conversations on the bus). he related the man in the wheelchair to the the paralympics which he went to years back and talked about the secret kind of fortune they had. he then revealed that he was a vs boy in Nathan’s time (i was wearing the vj pe u) and how he was a rugby player for the school (he still has the scars) and the kind of stuff they’d do to the nearby raffles at the time. he certainly had all sorts of boisterous fun then, and i just felt proud to be associated with him.

anyways. i realised that a teacher’s faith in a student can easily replace the lack of faith the student has in him/herself. for instance, me.


~ by moz on November 6, 2006.

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