no looking back soilder.

song of freedom

today in short, to say the least, is OVER. it was definitely an enriching experience to learn literature at a standard i feel was beyond the A levels. i think after the prac crit, i felt that i took away from lit what was most important, and so regardless of the end result, i’m just quite glad i will never have to do lit, as an exam paper, again.

one more paper left, and since it doesn’t really shackle us the same way the other papers do, i declare that 3024/0707 is now a free man who choses to be refered to as moz. what is left is really ceremony: after monday 5pm, i shall properly desecrate my entry proof with many many colours and if the internet willing, i will post a scanned copy here as a memorial of the jail cell i was put in and then proceed to sanctimoniously burn the entry proof’s remains. it will be a glorifying event held at no better place than the vjc basketball court, the epitome of all freedom.

although unplanned, i had a good talk today after the rather anti-climatic 9008/03, and i hope that my holidays will be spent doing meaningful things like this. speaking of which, i need to plan the last of my free days. but first, more celebration with a53. wooohoooooo.


~ by moz on November 22, 2006.

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