the innocence of town.

yesterday was symbolic cuz i spent my night out with the 3 people that meant everything to me in cat high. and well, i actually did have alot of fun trying on different tops and feeling euphoric about wearing good looking stuff. no photos of the dressing room tho. it was good fun with twice as good company.

went to watch the last kiss today. i think, in short, it was like a good tv series that was crammed into the 2hr time span the average movie would take. i think it attempted to deal with too many issues and ended up not really dealing with any that well. and well, i could easily afford a crowd that didn’t laugh at the wrong times (or sleep even!) but i did like the movie. and the soundtrack, and my goodness, it was filmed in quebec!!! pwnge scenery.

at cat high today, while the rest were playing soccer, i was given the chance to spend some time lying under a tree, such that when i looked up, i could see the tree’s baby branches stretched out, revealing the clear bluish sky littered with white puffs of clouds behind it, and i thought of how much i missed while i was still schooling there.

anyways, interesting quote from mark – “the emptiness inside of me was filled. with a void that could not be filled.”  very interesting.


~ by moz on December 5, 2006.

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