the last drink.

that’s what they all say, but what they really mean is that they’re on their way to recovery, and re-opening a wound in these circumstances isn’t very nice. besides, it was really unecessary. and that’s why getting drunk is really quite silly.

sorry for the intentionally morbid ambiguity. i just woke up (1950hrs) and prom feels as if it happened so long ago. from the massive rush of photo-takings with whoever you recognized and knew at the ritz’s waiting area to breakfast we had the next morning. and of course, the many many many many many things we did places we went inbetween. it was mostly happy moments, but also with that tinge of “finality” further emphasised by enlistment lurking around the corner (the next day even) and well, the tone of speech some of us had: it was like commemortaions, as if we were never to meet again. i think after last night, more than ever, we will meet again. after all those stupid things. we were all 18 and it felt so right, sleeping all day staying up all night. how many more times are we gonna get to just hang out like there’s no tomorrow?


~ by moz on December 7, 2006.

2 Responses to “the last drink.”

  1. i’m glad we don’t get to make those commemorationesque speeches because we’ll see each other forevaaaaah !

  2. of course! look what the last 2 years did to us!

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