it’s funny the way you can go all the way to vivo city, not catch the movie you were intending to catch, and still enjoying yourself loads, and also realizing (tho less importantly) that the best part of vivo city is the view it has outside. potentially very emo, but i think i was being so happy, i couldn’t possibly be emo. thank you for the (hopefully mutually) awesome company:)

anyways that is a guitar guru. when i first heard the audio track, i thought i heard 2 guitars and a drum of some sort, but the video shows that one guitar is enough. acoustic guitars have so much more to offer.

Justin king

anyways, i think it requires a high level of maturity to be able to pick yourself up and decide to be objective abt things. respect man. seriously, sometimes fate doesnt favour the kind. but well, things will work out for the better evenutally.


~ by moz on December 9, 2006.

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