oh how bothersome, how time passes.

i really love my class and i’m sorry, but the thought of big groups already makes me tired. i’m not sure if that is the cause of my headache, but i am feeling weary. weary of book-ins and field camps. book-ins and field camps without sunsets, stars or planes overhead. there are sunsets, but as all sunsets do, they pass quickly, and we hardly have time to just put down what we’re doing to even enjoy the ephemerality of the moment, much less the sunset.

right now i am thinking abt the esplenade and truly, in memory, everything seems to happen to music. and perhaps except for the fact that it consists mostly of happy thoughts (very very very happy thoughts), i should leave that as it is.

i know that that didnt sound very happy, but i assure you, it is. it’s just that in times like this one, happy thoughts only seem to further dampen the already very dampened mood regarding the impending tragedies of the week, ie, book-ins and field camps.

and i really really want to be able to drive.

i should stop wallowing in my own mud-pool of self-pity about now.


~ by moz on April 30, 2007.

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