train hard; fight easy.

dearest divyesh,

i have just returned from field camp. now quick and pray tell! what were the symptoms you were experienced before your knee injury! 8-5!!!

yours truly.

at the moment though, i am not exactly dreading army life largely because i know i ultimately can survive the last field camp of the course and probably, if i just merely go through the motions (very literally) the pain will numb a little. most of the pain killer’s power however lies in my extreme optimism in the future, that my life of two years will be nothing like what i am about to go through in the coming week, which hopefully will commence in a matter of weeks, after i get my rank and pay increment. i have only to plan properly and pray that my optimism is not one of a niave (and greedy too) boy, one i know i sometimes can be. my pitiful state today can be explained by the utterly depressing limited book out time i have this week.

i do however recall that at several points of time in my pre-ns life that i would have quite gladly given up my civillian life for a year or two (i cringe remembering these numbers) to escape the very fast-paced lifestyle in this very success-driven society we live in. i guess i imagined a life without rushing for deadlines or to escape and gain immunity from various commitments and obligations, some of which i should not mention here; ‘a holiday from real’ as jack’s mannequin decribed. of course, for most part of what i’ve been through so far, i have not gotten much of that holiday except for little moments here and there in tekong, with such very aesthetically pleasing views. this week, i return to tekong for four days, notably without any form of communication. but maybe because i’ve already left the world of deadlines and commitments and obligations, i do not have anything currently to escape from. besides the sunsets, stars and planes, maybe i can look forward to the small chance of seeing sean tay in his greens and helmet tho i would prefer seeing him without the helmet.

i feel i need to apologize for ranting on and on and on about army on this and outside of this blog. as much as i dread talking about it myself, i guess most of us, bald and deprived, do need to let some of it out and i do get carried away. sorry.

about army again:

i will survive! for 8-5!

and for better conversation topics!


~ by moz on May 6, 2007.

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  1. school 2, sit easy!

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