stops and ends.

always, always second best – the story of my life. and all because of a series of unfortunate events. i am pretty much over the loss, and on hindsight and for reasons my friends have given, it would be pretty silly not to be over it by now. at the very least, i have taken away as much as i can from the course, granted not much on paper, but instead and in a good way too, the opportunities and experiences that don’t come by too often. just hopefully, i will remain as happy as i am optimistic now about my posting.

as this course ends and i believe generally everyone phases into a more reflective mode, i, for one, quite regret not seeing the full treasures in the friends i’ve made (or re-made) until recently. i would blame the lack of free-time given to even talk, but i know that i was still clinging onto the memories of older friends from bmt, and that played a fair share too. today, i realized the shared musical interest in my current platoon mate and also my og mate in first 3 months. i also decided after some conversation that i should caution myself from ever fading from inspired artist to sound egineer.

was with another person’s class just now eating prata, and i would repeat myself as i already have on previous posts about missing this and that, and truly it wasn’t that long ago when we were jc students (my, we are getting old) but for now i just want to say: i really miss that 7-11.


~ by moz on May 27, 2007.

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