they could say many things, but really, i think there’re finer things in life to look for, and sometimes to find them, one needs to go to the more secret places, to look into the finer cracks in the midst of all the grey mundanities of the concrete. pardon the pun.

there was this australian chinese which came from a very elite educational background whom i met and who was quite disliked by many people in bmt. the last i heard, his luck hasnt changed much since. for most of my bmt life, i cld perfectly understand the sentiments of my platoon mates, but being me, i didnt outwardly express those sentiments and became the victim to his endless monologues abt his thoughts on, well, life. he was a conservative and i was brought up by neo-mordernists, but i kept quiet. at that time, i was already going through some transitioning in my school of thought on life, challenging what i had been brought up with, that something beautiful shld retain elements of its history while venturing into newer ground, not purposefully renouncing and disowning its roots. or the perception of marriage as being more than a contract, but an institution involving third party harm when violated. these were some areas that he also challeneged and i disagreed with my hubristic neo-mordernist replies. but after the heat dies and goes away, i cant deny that with some new-found experiences, i’m not quite the neo-mordernist i thought i was.

the finer things in life huh.

in other news, andrew has lent me the screwtape letters! whooooooo : ) : ) : )


~ by moz on May 31, 2007.

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