and life stops for two years.

there’s no time to write anymore, but i’ll be brief.

the past still haunts me sometimes, little things that stir them up that i’m quite ashamed to still be affected by. looking at how i’ve gained age, handling these emotions, sometimes being introduced to the emotions i’ve heard so much about, sometimes even trying to learn them, is all just very emo talk.

i’ve always found “reaching forward to those things which are ahead” cathartic, full of hope, of promise, and healing even. (i would talk abt the more real, underlying and promising gaurantee to look for, but that’s for another post.) talking first to my teammates and then classmates abt what we cld do in the future is certainly one of the most thrilling and ecstatic things i have done, where the sky’s truly the limit. but for now, we have to contend with the present, with the present’s past and a future yet to be lived out. denys gave in that seemingly superficial conversation a passing comment, also summing up what i believe to be the sentiments most of us share:

“it’s nice to look to the future, if only to see that the present is temporary.”

nicely put, even if it was his usual stroke of accidental genius.


~ by moz on June 10, 2007.

4 Responses to “and life stops for two years.”

  1. i dispute the accidental part, the rest i’m ok with =)

  2. HEY wads wrong with emo talk?it is carthartic indeed.if less pragmatic/productive than most singaporeans would hv us to do with friends.esp over coffee.or on sbs buses.=) hope yr well.

  3. dude.

    People will tell you it’s short. I for one think that’s bull. It may be short in retrospect, but retrespect matters squat when you’re still living through it.

    But still, it can be made bearable. Friends can be made, valuable life experiences gained. You may need to go against the grain a bit to gain them, but they can be gained.

    Looking forward to a better life ahead is too hard, I feel. You should just try to experience life in a positive way now. That’s the best way to make it go faster.

    Hope life is treating you right. Update me soon ya?

  4. denys: haha, apparently, e=mc sq was an accident, and einstein was full of frequent accidents. but lets not talk anymore physics.

    andrea: haha, yes, what wld we do without friends;)

    robs: DUDE! DID I TELL YOU? I AM AN ENGINEER NOW!?! ie valuable experiences = Q=2.5D sq N=L/2R Q=R cube KC … but yeah, i’ve made some friends i wld never have made and am very grateful to have made here (regrettably here) in army, and experiences too. its just all a bit ephimeral now cuz i keep getting re-posted. i suppose when i do get posted to a unit, life will settle a bit and the quality of life will finally improve?

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