tekong sunset!

tekong sunset

i found a picture of the proverbial tekong sunset. unbelievable. both the sunset and the fact that i found it. haha. apparently cameras were allowed in camps then. i like the picture: the firey sky and (despite that this might sound pro-army) the silhouette figures, of what are presummably soilders, bordering the bottom of the picture. it’s got this band of brothers feel (which i never watched, but the poster looks cool la aha).

upon closer looking, i have a feeling that this picture might be one of those cut and paste + add special effects ones. maybe i cannot believe that such beautiful sights actually exist.


~ by moz on July 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “tekong sunset!”

  1. The tekong sunset used to be a pretty big deal to me. Yeah, the sole beautiful sight at the end of an ugly day, the only thing in the world that you could call your own that they couldn’t take away from you. (Now I’m bloody Paul D haha)

    But then you realise that the sunset only feels so special because of the inclusion of the feelings brought about by the isolation and suffering brought upon you. And since all you need to do to find similar sunset is to go several kilometers from all urbanization, I suddenly find this particular Tekong style sunset more disgusting that special.


  2. mmm, it doesn’t justify the sufferings brought upon us, but there is some good (tho not good enough to be redeeming) things that you get in army, and i’m glad that at least i could witness sunsets every few evenings. knowing that life hasn’t turned all dark and evil the day we stepped on that island has made life more bearable, for me at least.

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