the maple leaf.

i am in an extreme state of exhiliration to declare that I AM AT HOME AND LOVING IT.

but it’s strange how i can be feeling such a mishmash of emotions all at the same time. and all i really want to do abt it is to pick up my ol companion of a year plus now and let my fingers run (dance?) through it’s strings. but i wonder how much the soul can ‘vent out’ emotions. can it really be vented out at all?

speaking of which, i have decided that i want to marry a cellist. so maybe facing her music would only bring smiles to my countenance. -.-“:?:p:/:^:)

the most startling thing about my dreams is that i don’t always remember particularly what happened in them, even though i mostly would wake up remembering. yet, i almost never do forget the emotions i had in those dreams, which were emotions i would jump up from bed with, mostly not very happy emotions. what is scary about my dreams is neither the events nor the emotions, but perhaps that it reflects what my subconcious mind thinks about even when i am asleep. and how do i run away from sleep?


~ by moz on September 13, 2007.

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