Complaints of violins.

Anberlin – paperthin hymn

one of my favourite bands, and one of my better liked music vids. i think if songs should be angsty, this is the way it should be done. it sort of reminds me of this korean (or was it chinese? it’s all the same to me) mv that ca put on her blog, the one about the photogropher. but the music for that was anything but angsty.

that was my attempt at disengaging myself from the ethos of the song. anyways, i like anberlin so much that i also put day late friend acoustic on the right column. pardon the excess noise at the back.

reign in my life.

the ease at which i forgot about today… i think that’s why that movie can relate to so many people even though none of us would ever in a million years be an undercover cop.


~ by moz on September 16, 2007.

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