now they call me emoz.

maybe, just maybe, i can be a little emo sometimes. i have resorted to the fact that no matter where i go, people, friends, new and old and alike, will have the impression that i am some emo punkster that gets depressive over globalwarming, cuts myself to relieve the internal pain that results from it, and plays a green strange looking guitar. (is that a guitar?) something new to emo about.

but none of that! for block leave! here i come! i think we make quite an impregnable team (formation? haha) and i am most honored and most proud to lead a group of guys like these anytime anyplace.

anyways, wanted to post this youtube-vid that keng shared with me last week before book in, but the as the story goes unfailingly every week, there was no time. but aloha! here it is!

Hullabahoos – The Blower’s Daughter a cappella

love the ending.


~ by moz on September 20, 2007.

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