on procrastination.

i have always been a fiercly proud arts student, for everything that an arts student is. but for the first time, i felt sorry for chosing that path. it occured to me that night (something stupid happened la) the opportunity cost of our snobbish study of subjects that “keep us (more) in touch with our humanity” and really, how far can one keep in touch with our humanity when we’re sitting in our comfortable chairs, glass-topped mahagony desks, study room complete with aircon, full length window boasting a deliriant scene of new york etc while the rest of the world’s muted screams go on unheard, unheard through those glass windows. why should we limit our contribution to society at managing the museam when all that means nothing juxtaposed next to the images, real images of subsistence living, and much worse? (i don’t think grossing people out by flashing the full extent of atrocities that exist should found the motivations behind the willingness to help) and i think, my concious will never fully be gratified until there is some kind of cost to bear these burdens. not just staying deatched, staying at home to write a song to inspire others to go make the difference. no doubt, my feelings can be quite irrational. i think i rather be there personally and help just one family than to help several families at home by making regular donations.

that said, i’m going to continue watching southpark. as it comes to the end of block leave, the one thing i have become so much surer of is that southpark rocks. it really really rocks.

loafloafloaf. -grumble-

found this quite funny from andrew when iasked, “seriously, what can we do if we see a guy just faint on the sidewalk” to which he replied “yeah, we’ll just go write a poem or something.”

in order to console myself of watching southpark for (quite long?) hours (i have my eye on simpsons. i have never watched simpsons before), i have decided that while it’d be nice to all be really helpful, everyone ultimately has a role to play to keep society together and functional (i dont think demand always decently reflects this tho) and the notion of a society where everyone is useful to it is kinda scary, almost robotic at its worst. but i plan on being useful anyways. this is a strange post.


~ by moz on September 28, 2007.

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