make believe.

it was a while back when i first heard good charlotte’s ‘we believe’ (righttt column) and admittedly the only other song i heard from them was girls and boys, which is quite erm, a stark difference from this song.

but anyways. regardless of whether one may think that the ‘love’ -that is mentioned at the end of the 6 dragged falsetto ‘we believe’s in the chorus- refers to the basic goodwill bestowed upon mankind, or the supernatural love talked about by Christ, or just some general and cryptic kind of love that crosses national boundaries and international conflicts, i think it is palpable through the lead singer’s tone that good charlotte doesn’t believe. they want to believe, but they dont believe in it enough for it to make the meaningful difference that the song sets out to make (progressively from the individual to a more macro-perspective as it goes from the first to second verse). i feel that maybe by using plural, ‘we,’they are trying (desperately? in futility?) to appeal to the communal nature of the human kind to get them to believe but that’s where it becomes more subjective and i have to go off now.

i’m no familiar fan of good charlotte but i like the song. so please don’t go YEAH! I LOVE GOOD CHARLOTTE! I BELIEVE! cuz they don’t. and definitely not with that enthusiasm.


~ by moz on November 2, 2007.

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