“even if it’s nonsense.”

after eating something like 20 plates of sushi, i decided to retire and spend some alone time with the reading material i brought. i took a walk to the esplenade library and settled for a ‘bar seat’ against a full length window. i barely read through the first line of the first page when the jazz coming from the cafe barely 5m away allured me. now it would seem obvious that having found myself a seat that faces a window, it would have been only natural to have noticed what was outside the window, but somehow, it eluded my attention then. and so, when i did look up in response to the encaptivating medley of melodies, i saw before me one of the esplenade’s domes (can we call it a dome?) eating into my view from the right and the fullerton hotel, in its full shining glory against the nightsky backdrop and dark towers with small lights, stealing into the picture from behind. and also, i could see faintly and distinctively the reflection off the window: the neatly spaced out ‘fairylights’ hanging off the library’s wooden ceiling, the mahagony top i was resting my arms on and also the solemn bookshelves standing tall.

i didn’t get any reading done that day. and so, cannot post my thoughts on some of the stuff i would have wanted to with more reading to support it. instead i found myself completely enthralled for two full hours sitting at the cafe (which i moved to after having been convinced that it was impossible to read with my mind clearly monopolized by the spectular sounds created by a mere keyboard and guitar).

friday night. their night where random people could come up and jam with the house musicians (and also owners of the cafe). it was most enriching, infatuating, inspiring to just watch them play song after song, jazz tune to blues, pop songs and even some guy who just created a song on the spot, spontaneous singing it was called.

thank God for fridays.


~ by moz on November 3, 2007.

One Response to ““even if it’s nonsense.””

  1. hahaha yes i love it too! there have been several times where i rushed over after bookout to listen to them jam (: it’s okay not to have done any reading!

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