so there i was, wearing my army greens with such unfamiliarity (sadly it isn’t always so unfamiliar) wondering why i was back half a day early. but i suppose burying myself under something that does grant some work satisfaction – pleased bosses, the better life for my guys and finding that proverbial balance inbetween- isn’t so bad (ha!) but when i think of the life after army (which then again i’m afraid will be a terrible dissapointment when it comes and therefore sometimes i’m afraid of it coming, but just pretend for the sake of this whine that post army life will be ideal) it makes time pass so much slower, the office walls so much more plain and hollow (this is quite literal) and the smell … so much stiffer (i couldn’t say regimental right).

i hope that one day after all this, i will get to experience, as i did for 6 years of my childhood, a white christmas again. pls let it be soon.



~ by moz on December 14, 2007.

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