three months!

because that last post sounded more emo than what it really is, i have to post something else right, something that’ll reflect ‘more happy thoughts than emo’, suitable as a first post of the year:D

ok, i dont have anything to blog about except that i’m counting down to the end of the training phase (thankfully i’ll be conducting the training and not the other way round) and therefore the start of our unofficial freedom (but freedom nonetheless) following the lead of my seniors (heh!) anddddd that i had a pretty good weekend at sentosa (it’s actually alive!) with a class turn-up of 80% graced by no other than our civics tutor himself! and the late exchanges of gifts (a bit late only) and cards and words and feelings and some funny memories and quotes and appreciation for all the good times and basically nice things.anddd that my guitar lessons are awesome because i learn so much more than guitar anddddd, i also caught up with my good friend of a cousin and family from kl over some buffet at waterfront hotel where i also bumped into denys.

and then i booked in.

it’s the new year, which basically just means that the earth is on the same point on the axis as it was one year ago (as it is every other day, but that’s my point exactly) but i suppose, its all how we want to attach meaning to it. i have to book in now so fat chance i’ll be doing any of that on this post at least.

and why. whyyyyyy does my time in army have to include a year with one more day than others. whyyy.

ok la, i’m actually really really happy on the inside:D:D:D (schizo is the new in thing)


~ by moz on January 1, 2008.

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