a happy forecast!

– first up for my week, there’s switchfoot and even though i’m a great fan mostly of their studio work, how could i possibly not make that trip down to expo when they’re actually in singapore! (on the right column is ‘the shadow proves the sunshine’, a very positive song that not many people would remember switchfoot for. this’ll explain studio work.)

– and then, i believe i’ll be going a few nice places to have a few nice chit chats with people that i actually am in pretty regular contact with, just hardly all in one week. (kept in documentation, but no need la, i’ll just keep in documentation) and also taking off for them as well. oh the joy! (i’m no closet rebel)

– and thennnn, i might be heading down to a rehearsal sometime where i will get my ‘best of both worlds.’  i am willing to take up the challenge! sticks and stones may break my bones, but the words of 7 year olds will NEVER hurt me! (eveniftheyrandomlycomeuptometoremindhowbadmypimplesare)

AND HELLO THERE ANDREA! when are we crashing your place! i hope you don’t actually know anyone who is schizo. anyways, the new-in-thing is now trauma. remember to stay traumatised!

nothing’s gonna keep me down!


~ by moz on January 27, 2008.

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