dont want to play superman no more.

so this week, although only supposed to be 3 working days long, may have been the worst 3 and a half working days since coming here, but moments like the ones i had tonight seems to redeem all that crap. yeah i had a crazy moment (in true rebel-like fashion) and risked my ankle, but to heck with the rules, it was worth all of that and more.

so the concert was awesome! and awesome! and awesome! unfortunately however, as great as an evening it was, it hasnt made my problems go away but at least i am beginning to find root in what is rightfully mine. although that mitigates nothing for everything that crashed today. (WHOSE FAULT?!? – sun tzu, paraphrased to fit mordern context.)

and life goes on as normal.

so they say, with great power comes great responsibility. now, knowing that i’ll probably have to make a trip down to dear ol camp today before meeting andrew and that i’ll to go for some qualifying test on monday, effectively interrupting every single off day i tried to take, i think uncle ben’s last words should have been something more like- with the power to take off, also comes a higher likelihood of having to burn your off at any time, which is really the same thing.


damn it, switchfoot is over.


~ by moz on February 1, 2008.

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