the marshmallows:D

YO! so i’m home at last!

i cant even begin to describe how fun/silly/emo yesterday was (emo-ing is always more fun with a fellow spider web climbing, er, spider). so maybe i won’t! to protect myself perhaps, but really, because i couldn’t. however, i would like to say that despite the slight ?!?!?!?! parts at the end cuz of the fatigue, it was extremely liberating to be on that spider web and not having to think of ever coming down (though naturally eventually we had to la). somehow being up in the air overseeing the scenic yishunpark/fullerton/uobocbcntuc/crane-shadowed-waters/randompeopledancing made very ideal spots for talking endlessly (and sometimes senselessly) into the night. and that was awesome.

and not forgetting the purpose of this post,

antagonist (to un-named, erm, thing): hi, you look like a friend of mine!
protagonist: hey! and i could get that within 10 minutes!
both: -chokes and causes the antagonist to be delirious enough to take the protagonist’s dares seriously.

so the quote doesnt have the desired effect i imagined and i don’t think anyone will understand how hilarious it was (still is) at the moment, but, ya, mmm, ya. i shant think about it and stay blissfully ignorant:)


~ by moz on February 5, 2008.

One Response to “the marshmallows:D”

  1. it wasnt a dare, it was a harmless(almost) suggestion!

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