but i have the right to feel a lil angsty.

what i’m trying to say is that an uninspired worker can work if he puts his mind to it, for certain people he will. however, if it becomes obvious that those certain people intend it (and expect it) for him to run on that kind of energy as a natural thing to do, than sooner or later as the movies show, he will either leave or break at some of the most untimely moments for those certain people. but i didnt need to be so cryptic about what i’m saying la i know.
so here it is, the enxt month could possibly be my busiest yet. and yet, this is a good thing because once this month ends, the countdown to ORD will begin and i can move on with my life; i can move on to the more pertinent issues in life.
anyways, on the right is a cool song about suicide.

~ by moz on February 10, 2008.

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