just another sunday morning call.

being back at a camp which doesn’t exactly revive the best of memories, being once again a trainee forfieting again the control over my life and time, being me and being anti-social in a new group of people who are all here to attend a leader’s course, all put together has made this week quite a long one. but thanks for shortening my week with the puncuations of randomness that i could only reciprocate (HA.)


i think the beauty of posting some mainstream song is that it almost-perfectly masks the exact situation of the post-er while, through the music and ambiguous lyrics, still retaining the overall shape of the sentiments felt. in other words, i can cryptically hide behind the enigmatical meaning of the song while still in some small way fulfiling my need to express, as compared to writting exactly my feelings per se or trying to churn out my own string of incomprehensible but revealing enough set of lines that forms a blog post. of course saying so is seems self-defeating with respect to the kind of attention i want, but really saying so is part of expression and i think we all in some way or another need to express.

so here is one of Oasis’ more contemplative attempts with a pretty cute mv that in my case, distracts the viewer from what i see in the song.

Sunday Morning Call


~ by moz on February 23, 2008.

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