a bit more melancholy.

it is in sacrificing accuracy that it is best achieved because it is then that the underlying intangible essence can be captured for immediate emotional catharsis as well as for the benefit of hindsight later on. in that sense, it’s limitations is it’s strength.

the lines that i had muddledly typed after watching serendipity at a 2am morning over a year ago.

it’s funny because those lines part express my inner rebel nature (i never was very good with rules, codes, especially codes) and part express, through the defensive context in which they were written, my want of everything that i believed in when i was still lost in ideas and had yet to test them on my grown up feelings. (isn’t life mostly remembered by feelings anyways?) it’s funny. and it’s ironic because those lines reveal my fearful unwillingness to engage those ideas, but to be satisfied by just watching some movie engage it for me, to only marvel at a distance the simple life with such a complex view, to be awed at something else capture those ideals so beautifully; without me ever having to get my hands dirty in the sandpit.

all that has probably left vague residue of the notions my thought-world has been presiding over since i’ve been challenged by some real life examples. and that is primarily because i never bothered to explain what the words in italics specifically refered to. and i didn’t because it’s just not cool to explain things so ‘in-your-face’ish.


~ by moz on March 15, 2008.

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