sometimes, like those moments when you seeve in and out of conciousness waiting for the transfer train at city hall to go back for instance, life can seem so big. you would imagine that life seems biggest when you are smallest, but it now seems that as one grows older, so does his spectre of the world. at least till this point, where crossroads meet and destiny seems to be in the hands of the cursor of your mouse more than anything else. it probably doesn’t help that we’ve had 2 full years to dwell over this, at times excitedly and at others, murkily. now, with the advent end of those 2 years never closer in sight, the whole impending nature of what we call our ‘future’ has never felt so forthcoming.

i always remember God created this world first before concieving human beings. He had to make sure the world was perfect before something of His own likeness could dwell in it. it’s our world to enjoy, in the short and long. but i don’t want to wait till i’m too old to enjoy the parts God intended for us to enjoy while in our youth. somehow i don’t feel like i’ve finished having my share.


~ by moz on October 2, 2008.

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  1. i agree with your last statement to the power of infinity.

    lets go overseas to relac jack!

  2. ehhh. theres always an option to sign on if 2 years aint enough. HAHA.

  3. not funny kenneth. that is seriously not funny. it’s offensive even.

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