the last army post.

mel once said to me and mark that you can take the guy out of army, but you cant take the army out of the guy.

people occasionally ask how’s life been since ORD and it’s been 10 days and certainly, i feel lighter, without the possibility of a phone call that may drag me back to camp, though having eased my way out of army ending with a 15 day trip to California, ultimately, besides the peace of  heart without a nagging reminder that i’m still bound to the army, life is pretty much the same. but also alot poorer.

it’s a horrible time to get retrenched.

but hopefully, even with my lost head start due to a bit of miscommunications and bad luck, things will still work out.

i intended to write something summarizing my army experience as a symbol of closure to this phase of my life, but the words didn’t come. i suppose whatever feelings i harbored about army then are now pretty buried. not dead, but not in visible sight either. it’s over and i can finally start living again. my life is mine now.


~ by moz on December 23, 2008.

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