i had expressed my dissapointment with the year so far to a number of people and it is pointless to regurgitate, now especially at this point where, a single call has changed that trend of events, hopefully for a sustainable period of time. (note: upcoming driving test). hopefully for good.

it’s funny sometimes how we pretend to be superstitous about luck. maybe, it is just i who play pretend. i can never quite forget the facebook quiz i took a while ago (which philosopher are you) where they asked

“True or false? We cannot reason to faith in God, it is only a choice to be made.”

to which i pondered for a while but upon reading the pre-set answers, i found the following answer to so suitably sum up my thinking and perception in life: “Very true, but it still doesn’t prove that God exists.”

much to my pleasant surprise, i was jean paul sartre, which i have little doubt had to do with my answer for that question.

evidently, i believe God exists, but the way in whic it is no wonder that i find myself reading Nausea, a work i first became interested in following an extracted piece given to us for prac crit in jc1.


~ by moz on June 2, 2009.

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