I was gonna say a bit about my emcee-ing experience and how i was given a script (as all emcees are) and ramble a bit about how i just couldn’t stick to it because it just felt too boxed up for me to stick to anything for too long. but that was basically it and i just wanted to put something about it somewhere.

deep inside, i think i am most skeptical of people. and of course, in self-defense, i have become exactly what i have been skeptical of, and the cycle has become somewhat self-reinforcing. i wonder if this’ll lead to a downward spiral where eventually i’ll become schizophrenic, distrusting, unloved, sad and alone. it doesn’t appear foreseeable at this point, but i don’t know if all this Hobbesian thinking will eventually translate to more than just an intellectual exercise; and i worry for my soul.

all this deathcab music.


~ by moz on October 25, 2009.

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