There are many many many things that I could obsessively document here especially in the last few days.

One thing that I’ve really liked about this summer is how I’ve always made time for people. Last semester has been so crazily busy it was virtually impossible to meet anyone outside of school and I don’t remember ever having been so busy that I was not able to squeeze out some time just to meet people up.

I think there is some truth in the saying that old friends are best friends. There is something that is really heartening when an old friend makes it known that you are looked out for. And of course, that pool of shared experiences never gets replaced.

The last few days particularly however, has been void of all that. By contrast, and it is an odd feeling, I have been actively involved in the pursuit of community building among the new faces in school. ha.

but it is odd for several reasons. While tracing back where i first developed some sort of experience in doing these sort of things, it kinda feels as though i might have abandoned my past and used it to further my own interests elsewhere. that was certainly felt today, while thoughts of yesterday and its success still floated in my mind.

nevertheless, it has been extremely rewarding. just knowing that i have played an active role in all this itself has been rewarding. it has also gotten me thinking about a whole other plethora of things, some of the things has been told to me before, but now make sudden revelationary sense.

ok, so this has been another useless cryptic post with no other purpose but to serve as a landmark in time for me to remember that in my virgin summer, i was really happy meeting old friends and building new communities.


~ by moz on June 21, 2010.

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