As a showcase of what my (very very unproductive) day has been spent doing, besides the FB posts on John Butler and Development Aid, I’ve also qausi decided my modules for next sem, which was largely planned around not making next sem too heavy given all the commitments:

EC3102 – Macroecons II by Aamir Hashmi
EC3361 – Labour Economics by Jessica Pan
PS3233 – Political and International Ethics by Terry Nardin (Ride-On CBM)
UCV2207 – Politics of Heritage by Dr Daly
USE2306 – Disasters and Responses by Dr Daly

Still thinking about not doing Labour for EC3304 – Econometrics II by Han Hee Joon because he’s supposed to be damn good, and he may not offer next year. Also not sure if Econometircs III will be offered in year 3 sem1, which if it is, I’ll need to have done it. and also it’s just plain useful for planning any kind of ISM, so doing earlier is full of advantages. But I’m scared of doing it without people to do projects/consult and I’m scared that next sem will be a repeat of last sem, which was not good for my education. So maybe I’ll just crash instead. Otherwise, I am looking forward to next sem already!


~ by moz on November 16, 2010.

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