It surprises me to think of the kind of things I applied my mind to when I was younger. Talking to a friend today about utilitarianism, power and life kind of reminded me of the times where I would spend hours upon end, doing nothing, but just thinking about things along the lines of, well, utilitarianism, power and life, amongst other things. And by the time I was 15, I had found like minded introspective friends, with whom we still talk about such things.

I think about them less now though. Perhaps I have become lazy, or busier with other stuff that my mind no longer has the luxury to wander into the yet uncharted territory of my mind. Perhaps, I have become sufficiently satisfied with the level of thought I’ve put into it, although clearly, thought can go deeper still. Perhaps, I have decided that I may not have answers, but I need not answers to find equilibrium (to use the language of economics) and happiness (a term used loosely, but what the heck). Perhaps, as a result of such thought, I have become comfortable with life and am ready to apply my mind to a whole myriad of other things. For a start, I could try the exams that is on Monday and Tuesday. Rah.


~ by moz on November 27, 2010.

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