This sem has probably offered me my favourite combination of modules just yet, but I feel like I’m losing steam already. Right now, I’d like to go to some neocolonial cafe in Hanoi and do some free reading while sipping Vietnamese coffee, maybe attend an open mic, and have some good interesting conversations. It could be Laos too, based on the fascinating Berliner reading, or almost anywhere in SEA I’m sure. Maybe take a road trip from Frisco down to Google? Ha. That would be nice.

I think what I really want to get away from for now is the multi-obligatory responsibilities. Responsibilities are fine, but perhaps as a friend once commented, a student can really only handle a max of 2 outside of school. I don’t regret any of the things that I’ve committed to, at least individually, and I’ve had a pretty rich varsity life so far. But I think, I’d like a little more self-indulgence in my post-sophmore years, and already, I am looking forward to it, which is hardly good for motivation in the present.


~ by moz on March 20, 2011.

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