I am beaming with excitement over the prospects of changing my major and an ISM where a convergence of ideas and disciplines hope to meet.

The Political Economy of the Construction of Post-Disaster Narratives in Singapore.

I also want to say that NUS Library is awesome.

Coordination: How Donors imagine Aceh and how Aceh imagine NGOs

Imagining Cambodia through NGOs: How Marketing select Donors which shape Programmes

The Influence of Imaginations of Cambodia on the kind of foreign assistance it receives

Wage Inflation and migratory effects in Post-Tsunami Aceh

Old and new trajectories after the post-disaster boom

Imagining China in Africa

State-level intervention in Disasters: Si Chuan, Sri Lanka, Kobe, Aceh, Haiti, Katrina

Imagining Economics in Public Discourse on Development

Narratives of NGOs in Singapore and the effect of the type of aid and empowerment in SEA.


~ by moz on September 26, 2011.

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