Ever since “being a muso” in Children Church, I’ve certainly faced some pressures to spend. I guess good sound can cost though I suppose with some searching, one may be able to find cheaper alternatives. Summer plans I guess. Things to start scouting for in no order of priority. No idea when I’ll be able to afford these though.

  1. Acoustic Guitar (Taylors, Lakewoods, Maestros, not sure what other brands to look at, but I’ve liked the sounds of these so far)
  2. Reverb Pedal, or maybe the Zoom 3 Pedal
  3. IEMs

And that should cost about 2.5k, though if I sell my guitar, maybe that can be somewhat subsidized. I guess music is one of the rarer things where money matters, for me. That, travel and study.


~ by moz on April 2, 2012.

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