I wish I could just pile all my time into my ISM. but alas. I have 4 other classes, 2 of which are particularly demanding.

What has been preoccupying me in my free time and work time has been the topic of my next two ISMs. I am thoroughly enjoying my current project on organizational responses to disasters, but feel the need to gain some kind of field experience. Hence the possible  research projects:

  • “Fiscal and Administrative Decentralization in Schools in Singapore” (with Aoki) interviewing school staff
  • “Organizational Learning in the Humanitarian Sector” (with Haque, Kim or Teo) furthering my current ISM’s analysis with a quant/comparative component, to NGOs more generally.
  • “Amateur Aid: Reimagining the Other in Singapore” focusing on YEPs, Mercy Relief and the like
  • “Making Authoritarianism Work: Decentralization in Singapore” focusing on oursgconversation.sg and REACH

Was looking at preferred post-grad programmes. Same issues – UK has great Development Studies programmes, but no funding and require a Masters. US has great funding, but no Development Studies programmes. I also found out today that the location of the UK Development Studies departments/research institutes look really dreary. Maybe I should look further west.


~ by moz on September 9, 2012.

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