My addiction to this childhood carton series can be explained by the hilariously  awkwardly inserted management jokes. The latest in Ep 36:


Evil Emperor Zurg: Lower it!
Grub: Lower what sir?
Evil Emperor Zurg: It! You know. The “crystalic self-perpetuating breeder construction core!”
Grub: Oh yes, excellent my Evil Emperor Zurg!
Evil Emperor Zurg: And can’t you come up with a shorter name for it like “evil take over thingy?”
Grub: In test markets, four out of five victims surveyed were more frightened by big words.


Buzz Lightyear: The “crystalic self-perpetuating breeder construction core.”
Genral: Those are big words. I’m frightened!
Buzz Lightyear: Don’t be. It’s just evil marketing.
General: Is there anyway to stop it?
Buzz Lightyear: No General. Marketing is the one force in the universe that is stronger than …
General: No no… I meant the … “big evil take over thingy!”
Buzz Lightyear: Oh. There we might have a chance.


~ by moz on November 16, 2012.

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