Went over to this 6yo girl who was wailing, who explained to me that she was upset that her friend had accused her of scolding her. TO this 6yo girl, this was simply untrue. As I returned to her after getting some tissue to clean her up a bit, her cousin (who could have passed of as her twin brother) was actively asking her what was wrong. After cleaning away the mucus and tears, she sat there, no longer crying, but looking somewhat upset. Some five minutes later however, she, her accuser and a bunch of other friends were in arms, jumping up and down together, laughing all the way.  I’m not sure if apologies were exchanged, or the episode was merely forgotten. Either way, the childlikeness of reconciliation is admirable. At that point, I felt glad to not have intervened too much, giving the kids space to work things out.


~ by moz on February 9, 2014.

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