A friend wrote this some 5 years ago – preserved in time. Probably more beautiful than ever before.



February 2, 2009 at 3:07am

1. I should be sleeping now.

2. Things are random to those who do not see the connection. Science seems to prove more and more that randomness is an illusion. pr1633

3. I think God needs to do something about my unhealthy perfectionistic thinking. That says nothing about his current state of action. [for anyone who can guess: HS’s the excellent S when we have the s of excellence.]

4. 3 could have been an example of 2. Randomness as defined earlier can be constructed.

5. I had to give myself some logical justification for doing this, meaning I had to answer myself as to why I should let myself be known. I wish I did this because I felt like doing this; I dunno whether I did. Thank God it is only this extreme and I only stopped at this question.

6. Without alluding to the cliffhanger in 5, I wonder if anybody will read this other than the person who tagged me. *acknowledges the person with a wave*

7. Brian will probably like spending a lot of time with a person who can make mental jumps and get the nuances and hints that Brian has a habit of.

8. Anything you put down in this thing is a ‘thing’ about you because we can tell something for it about you. Nonetheless, I shall think of a personal fact to put down for variety’s / randomness’ sake. I hope variety and randomness will be pleased.

9. And so what is a ‘fact’? If what is unseen is eternal then facts in that realm is more factual that those is this realm. It seems that we share that set of personal facts; it is not something you don’t already know. And so we have to settle for things less of a fact than that fact.

10. Wishes: Brian wishes to be naturally more relaxed such that the reality of the person of the product of the woman personified as divine favour and the new manifests. I could have said that more directly, but I would not have found it palatable if I were listening to myself. Perhaps this way: Brian wishes that his heart would lose weight so that Brian will be more light-hearted and less serious / solemn. haha.

11. This is getting difficult to read. ok. Less words. Less telling things about me and more knowing. erm. I stay on a seventh storey. which will not explain why I feel like i want to see everything perfect. This should be point 7. That was not random.

12. erm yes, less words. i know: i don’t feel i talk a lot, though i might want to.

13. At this point in time i can still say i have spent half my life in a boys’ school. This is point 13 because we have just crossed the halfway mark of 25.

14. food- safe bets: white chip macadamia, kway teow, chili, not picky.

15. we need something interesting and maybe controversial here.. hmm.. but point 5 still kinda restricts things. but if you are supposed to know a person through this, then not revealing some more would be me. maybe i’m just ‘boring’ to people by this 25 things thing.

16. I find myself now realising that because i do not find anything about myself surprising myself, i don’t know what might really be interesting. maybe this: I used to find the constant assertion of likes and dislikes by people with little else coming from them a bit repelling.

17. I want people to know me, but I don’t seem to know what i want people to know about me.

18. I really really should sleep soon.

19. It actually seems to make sense to leave the last few points blank; it would be more fruitful. no one said this has to be done in one sitting if it is done. I will continue when i find out what is fascinating to people ie what people want to know. perhaps questions would help.

0. Maybe there is some disregard for bendable rules in me.

1. I didn’t really know what I was writing the first time round. well, cos i was in a rather hazy state.

6. I’ve decided to tag the other people who tagged me (:

17,18,20. I have a blog which i write in an average of once a month (looking at 07 and 08). I want someone to read it, but i don’t want to tell anybody about it. Perhaps that is the same with words and personal info and a person; It increases in value the more it is sought after. I think it’s true. haha. even a smile. Maybe i secretly feel a smile not flashed freely is a valuable one. and you could imply some things from that.. and erm implicate me. (: Unfortunately, not much of the above-mentioned, i feel, has been sought. I still wish someone will read the blog.

21. I find it hard to believe anybody will bother to really read through the mess up till here. It seems few like the inconvenience of having to persevere in knowing a person. I could put it this way: maybe convenience is really quite a vital ingredient in relationships. and maybe also this is kinda like an experiment to find that out. Or I might have been listening to the wrong voices in my head.

2, 4. Who cares what i think about randomness. This is the second time i’m appending to this note. Ok i thought of something ‘normal’ to put down: i have a scar just above the edge of my left eye.

19 feels ignored.






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