So 3 of the people that I would have liked to work with are leaving, 1 is pregnant, and 1 has said he does not have the expertise and . It is pretty damn depressing. Yet, despite (or maybe because of) all this, I have been the recipient of a lot of care:

  • The dept grad coordinator has told me that he thinks I already know what to do with my thesis, and that I should just do it, and not be too concerned with finding a supervisor. He suggested that I should instead court potential future PhD supervisors to supervise me through email.
  • My original supervisor is pretty happy with where I’m at and gave great suggestions of who I could work with.
  • One of the three who are leaving checked in on me, despite having a reputation to disappear on his students.
  • The last of the three gave me a vote of confidence and listed a bunch of people I could work with.
  • The one who claimed to not have the expertise went to find out if I could work with this other person instead.

So now, if everything works out, I will have 1 supervisor from my home department, 1 co-supervisor from another NUS department, and 1 informal supervisor from a university where I may do my PhD.

At first, I thought not having to care too much about being supervised was incredibly liberating. Now, it seems that I have made myself accountable to so many people, I’ve busied myself with meeting alot of people within a very small space of time.

How quickly things move up and down the roller coaster ride.


~ by moz on May 20, 2015.

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