little hua ji things.

upon my asking what cod liver oil was midway into the conversation, this is what i got in reply:

mello wello jello says:

cod liver’s oil lor! self explanatory what

mello wello jello says:

cod = a fish

mello wello jello says:

liver = not the stomach or the lungs

mello wello jello says:

oil = the greasy thing on your rifle

well, no surprises really:p


~ by moz on January 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “little hua ji things.”

  1. C=

  2. What’s hua ji, moz. Haha. School’s starting for me, and you’re back in camp. Oh mann. 😀

  3. nice blog. though i thought you’d use hao xiao instead.

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