i have slightly under a hundred hours of a life without strength trainings (peripheral exercises designed for the sole purpose of finding reason to justify the punishments of 600 push-ups), bcct (learning street fighter), stand be beds (training to be maids), an unreal number of hours dedicated to rifle cleaning, polishing boots (kiwi blacker than ever. hughes joke again=p) and what not (well, alot of other things which shouldn’t be mentioned). i could chose to be really happy abt not having to wake up at 5 (not 530 because some ppl just have too much sleep), but to heck with it, it’s not like i’m going to be wasting any of this unprecedented freedom lying on a bed. in a few moments, i will be attending my reunion supper at prata house woohooo.

anyone wants to see town again?



~ by moz on February 16, 2007.

One Response to “ectasyectasyectasy.”

  1. welcome back moz!

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